I have a knack for mixing mind-bendy mathematical philosophy with humor and a human perspective. I've taught math-averse liberal arts majors, as well as grad students in mathematics. As an improv comedian with Portland's Light-Fingered Five, I made stuff up in front of an audience of thousands at the Bite of Oregon festival, and an audience of one, when a single person showed up to see our improvised version of "Dracula" at a remote community college theater.

Talks I've given include:

I can arrive on-site with no predetermined plan and discover what we want to talk about, together. I'm equally ready to prepare extensively and speak for as long as an audience cares to stick around. Topics I'm especially ready to discuss these days are:

…but, to be quite honest, I can find a mathematical angle on pretty much any topic you can think of. If you've got an idea, write to me at tom (at) mathpunk.net.