Thomas Henderson

I'm an applied mathematician who does data science, software development, research, and speaking & facilitation. I am available for hire. Write to me at tom (at)


I'm an expert in linear algebra and graph theory. Together these make machine learning, artificial neural networks, and social network analysis possible. In addition to understanding the raw mathematics of data science, I've worked with Python data science tools like pandas, scikit-learn, and Jupyter notebook for communicating results.

As for new techniques, I'm optimistic about topological data analysis for making sense of high-dimensional, incomplete and noisy datasets. An introductory paper to the field can be found here --- it's mathy, but the introduction is an overview of applications, and the illustrations are instructive.


In contrast with many mathematicians and data scientists, I have recent training in agile and extreme programming ("XP") methods. During my three-month apprenticeship at 8th Light, I picked up Ruby and Java, using test-driven development, continuous integration (using Travis CI) and story point estimation (PERT) to write a command line game and an http server from the sockets up.

Having come to software from mathematics, I love functional programming. In addition to the object-oriented languages mentioned above (as well as Python for data science), I've worked for several years in Clojure on my own experiments, and for six months in functional-style JavaScript (React, Redux, RxJS) developing one greenfield full-stack application, and testing the architectural refactoring of a Fortune 200 company's internal service from SOAP to REST.


I've been a Linux user for about 10 years. I use Arch Linux at home, so I am always learning more about how computers work (whether I want to or not). I've used git on my own for several years, and during my apprenticeship I learned about best practices for using it with a team and with continuous integration systems. I am familiar with AWS services, having used ec2 to demo my http server, and s3 to host this very homepage.

about this site is a static site writen using Clojure with stasis. You can find the source code here. Thanks to Christian Johansen for this helpful blog post on doing so. I used hexo to build The style is Tufte CSS by way of J David Smith's hexo-theme-tufte. Both domains are hosted on Amazon s3.